Meet the Staff

Clinical Staff

 Donna, Registered Dental Hygienist


Donna, Registered Dental Hygienist

Donna has worked as a Dental Hygienist at Harris Dental Associates in Brockton for over 30 years. Donna loves all aspects of dentistry but is most passionate about periodontal health and educating patients about adequately caring for their teeth. She focuses on encouraging her patients to look forward to the beautiful smile they can achieve through dental care rather than dwelling on current issues they might have. And when she is part of transforming a smile, she feels she can make a real difference through her work.

 With such a long history at our practice, many of Donna’s patients have become like family. In some cases, she has treated three or four generations of the same family over the years. Her colleagues have become a second family to her as well, and Donna appreciates getting to work with such a dedicated team that all put faith and trust in each other.



Melanie, Registered Dental Hygienist

Melanie has worked in dentistry for over two decades and joined the Harris Dental Associates team in 2018. Throughout her career, Melanie has had the good fortune to work with many incredible patients and talented colleagues—and she feels the patients and staff at Harris Dental are some of the best! Melanie enjoys getting to know her patients personally and catching up with them through their always interesting life updates during each visit. By building a foundation of trust, Melanie feels she can help educate her patients about dental health and improve their lives. For Melanie, being surrounded by valued colleagues, mentors, and friends is an excellent motivator, and she is always learning new things through her work at Harris Dental Associates.



Dana, Registered Dental Hygienist

Dana has been a Dental Hygienist for over 12 years and began working at Harris Dental Associates in August 2021. Her passion is to educate patients about the connection between their oral and overall health. She finds it crucial that patients know why we are recommending treatment, what we are doing, how it will be done, and the expected outcome. Dana’s primary goal is to help people overcome their fear of the dental office and understand the importance of routine visits, making each person feel comfortable in the fact that she will be providing them with a relaxing environment and open communication (to feel free to ask any questions), and top-notch dental care.

Dental Assistants

Doreen, Dental Assistant

Doreen attended Southeastern Regional Technical Institute in Easton, MA. She has been in the dental field for many years.  She feels blessed to work with so many different colleagues and offices.  Doreen has had the opportunity to meet many patients through the years.  Given her many friendships for which she is so grateful!

Danielle, Dental Assistant

Danielle has been a Dental Assistant for over 18 years, yet she still feels like she’s always learning something new through her work. Since joining Harris Dental Associates in 2018, she has valued the team’s commitment to providing the best possible patient care, continually improving their skills, and learning about new technologies and treatments they can bring back to their patients. Danielle enjoys the camaraderie among the staff and patients alike and appreciates the supportive, collaborative nature shared by the entire team.

Administrative Staff

 Kerrie, office manager

Kerrie, office manager

Kerrie began her career as a Patient Coordinator when she joined Harris Dental Associates in July 2017. Since then, she has had the opportunity to build many beautiful relationships with patients. She has also grown professionally and is now the Office Manager. Kerrie enjoys making things as easy as possible for her patients, whether by helping someone understand insurance benefits or sharing information about oral health care. She truly enjoys her role as the first smiling face that greets patients when they walk through the door, and she loves to set a positive tone for each patient’s visit. For Kerrie, the best part of her work is the interesting people she interacts with daily— patients and fellow team members—who all have a role in creating a great environment at Harris Dental Associates.

 Paige, Patient Coordinator

 Paige, Patient Coordinator